Stuart Connolly

Stuart Connolly

McMaster University

Ontario, Canada


Dr Stuart Connolly is a professor of Medicine at McMaster University and is a cardiac electrophysiologist at Hamilton Health Sciences, Ontario, Canada. Dr Connolly holds a Master’s degree from Fordham University, New York, and an MD from McGill University in Montreal.

Dr Connolly graduated from McGill medical school in 1977 and completed internal medicine and cardiology training at the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s and Toronto General Hospitals. Following this, Dr Connolly completed a two-year fellowship in electrophysiology at Stanford University. After returning to Canada, Dr Connolly began as an Assistant Professorship at McMaster University, and in 1994, was awarded full professorship. Dr Connolly became the Division Director for Cardiology in 1991 and Hospital Service Director in 2005. Dr Connolly was also appointed as the inaugural holder of the Salim Yusuf Chair in Cardiology at McMaster University.

Dr Connolly’s main research interests are within the evaluation of treatments for heart rhythm disorders. Having published over 335 scientific articles in the field, within his academic career, Dr Connolly has predominantly been involved in designing and carrying out randomised controlled trials in the area of the management of cardiac arrythmia. Dr Connolly is currently a member of the editorial boards for Heart, the American Heart Journal and the Journal of Pacing and Electrophysiology.

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