Demystifying NOAC reversal in emergency medicine

‘Demystifying NOAC reversal in emergency medicine’ was a 60-minute interactive symposium discussing NOAC reversal that took place at EUSEM 2019.

Dr Ander Cohen, Dr David Julian Seiffge, Dr Jecko Thachil and Professor Michael Christ discussed the rationale behind using NOACs, the challenges surrounding high-risk patients receiving NOACs, and the latest management strategies available for reversing the effects of NOACs in the event of a major life-threatening bleed or emergency surgery. View the video below to watch the symposium that took place at EUSEM, October 2019, Prague.


  • 00:00 – 04:53  – Chair’s welcome by Dr. Alexander Cohen
  • 04:53 – 16:28  – Current paradigm and challenges in treating high-risk patients receiving NOACs by Dr. David Julian Seiffge
  • 16:28 – 27:30 – What NOAC reversal agents are available and how should we use them? by Dr. Jecko Thachil
  • 27:30 – 43:23 – Demonstrating good practice in NOAC reversal in the emergency setting by Prof. Michael Christ

An enduring e-Learning module is currently being created from the live event, coming soon to our e-Learning portal. This will allow you to enjoy an experience similar to attending a live symposium, but from anywhere in the world, at completely your own pace.

  • Purpose of the meeting
    The programme’s key aim was to enhance the audience’s knowledge and skills surrounding the use and reversal of NOACs in the emergency care setting. The intended audience included emergency care physicians who care for patients receiving NOACs that present with bleeding in the emergency room. This content is also highly relevant for neurologists, cardiologists, haematologists and any other healthcare professional with an interest or role in the management of patients receiving NOACs.
  • Learning objectives
    The symposium aimed to ensure that participants could:
    • Describe the challenges faced in the treatment of high-risk patients receiving NOACs who present to emergency care and the consequences of inappropriate or ineffective NOAC reversal
    • Recall the available NOAC reversal agents, their respective features and their indications for use
    • More confidently implement appropriate patient evaluation and use of NOAC reversal agents, particularly in the emergency setting
  • Speakers
  • Funding
    This independent educational activity is supported by funding from Portola Pharmaceuticals. PCM Scientific is the medical education company acting as scientific secretariat and organiser for this programme. The activity is run independently of the financial supporter and all content is created by the faculty. No funder has had input into the content of the activity.