Søren Paaske Johnsen

Søren Paaske Johnsen

Aalborg Universteithospital

Aalborg, Denmark


Professor Søren Paaske Johnsen serves as a Professor in Clinical Health Services Research at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Denmark.
Professor Johnsen has published more than 350 peer-reviewed publications, and his research and publications revolve around clinical health services research with a focus on quality of clinical care including implementation of evidence-based care, comparative effectiveness of clinical interventions and evaluation of quality improvement strategies.
He is a reviewer for over 40 international journals, including The Danish Heart Association, The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Association, World Cancer Research Fund International, Catalan Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Research and The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development. Professor Johnsen is also an honorary senior fellow for the University of Liverpool, UK.

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